Facebook Fuels Divorce

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo have also had a part to play in this as we keep our friends up to date with our news and gossip through ‘wall posts’ rather than simply picking up the phone.  These trails of messages left between friends can all be used as evidence and interestingly, sites such as Facebook have been quoted by an on-line provider of divorce petitions as being mentioned in around a fifth of all of their unreasonable behaviour divorce cases.

So, is modern technology leading to an increase in the divorce rate or is this just a case of new technology simply highlighting the age old problem of infidelity?  The divorce rate in the UK is one of the highest in Europe, but I know that we are not the only country in Europe to have access to social networking sites and modern forms of communication.  I believe that, in reality, these revelations are likely to be the symptom of a relationship in difficulty rather than the initial cause.

However, not all divorce petitions are instigated by new technology, as an article in the Daily Mail showed earlier this year.  This was the case of an Arab Ambassador who obtained an instant divorce in Dubai when he found that his veil-wearing fiancé, and then wife, had a beard and was cross-eyed.  It appears as though he claims to Sharia Court that the woman’s parents sent his own mother and father pictures of her far more attractive sister.