Passenger Compensation – A Clarification of the Rules

Courts in England and Wales will allow compensation to be paid out for flight delays dating back six years but some airlines have been telling customers that under the Montreal Convention they only need to consider claims for delays that happened within the last two years.

As a result, some passengers have been fobbed off when entitled to compensation for avoidable flight delays that occurred more than two years ago and are unaware that they would be likely to win in court.

UK-resident James Dawson, brought a claim to court last December, almost six years after he was delayed by eight hours on a flight to the Dominican Republic from Gatwick because there was insufficient crew to operate the flight. Airlines based in, or taking off from, an EU country are liable to pay compensation of up to €600 if a flight has been delayed by more than three hours.

Trevor comments “Whilst airlines can turn down compensation in the event of delays caused by extraordinary circumstances, such as extreme weather, industrial strikes, and unexpected technical faults, they must have made all reasonable efforts to get the plane away on time”.

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