We provide a fast and efficient Notary Public services in Chesterfield, Mansfield and Sheffield at competitive rates. Whether you are a business engaged in international trade or you wish to be married outside the UK, we provide a comprehensive, high quality service.

Your business may need to use a Notary for documents that require certification to be sent overseas as Notaries are recognised internationally, whereas Solicitors are not. A Notary can play a very important role for businesses trading overseas as they can help speed up important transactions by reducing the need for travelling to that country in person.  A Notary is an independent specialist lawyer with an additional qualification, appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the rules which affect Notaries are very similar to the rules which affect Solicitors. 

A Notary’s work involves the preparation and authentication of documents for use abroad and the most frequent Notarial services for businesses include:

  • Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) for companies trading overseas
  • Preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas (giving someone the right to act on your behalf)
  • Witnessing the signing of an affidavit or statutory declaration by officers of a business
  • Authenticating acts of a business entity/company abroad, including the setting up bank accounts, a satellite office, a company and/or partnership
  • Authenticating the existence of an English business entity and its status particularly with regard to insolvency and administration
  • Certifying and authenticating the authority of Directors, Partners, Members etc, of English business entities
  • Witnessing or carrying out other operations relating to foreign bonds and debenture stock for a business

Our Notary, Stephen Gordon is also a highly regarded Commercial Solicitor so he fully understands the legal needs and concerns of UK businesses trading overseas. Due to his commercial legal knowledge he is also able to ensure that you and your business fully understand the documentation being certified.  

Stephen Gordon provides a fast and efficient Notary Public service in Chesterfield, Mansfield and Sheffield at competitive rates. For a no obligation chat with Stephen, based in Chesterfield, please call 01246 560 560.  Stephen and his team will happily talk you through your requirements and confirm the price for the work.  As part of Stephen’s Notary service he will happily meet you at your business or at another convenient location to suit you.

We advise that you read our guide before your appointment with Stephen as there are certain items, such as ID, that you will need to bring with you