Our Employment Law Specialists at Banner Jones provide expert advice on discrimination at work.

At Banner Jones we pride ourselves on providing expert advice on discrimination in the workplace, whether it be sex, race, disability, age, or any other protected characteristic, we deal with all types of discrimination.

The grounds for workplace discrimination claims increase all the time so we know you need to feel confident that you have someone to turn to for the latest advice when you need it.

At Banner Jones we ensure our discrimination law solicitors are continuously up to date with the latest employment law therefore guaranteeing you receive a first class advice and ensuring that they are discrimination in the workplace specialists.

If you are an employee and feel discriminated against we can assess your situation and provide you with sound advice as to whether you have a claim for discrimination. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable discrimination solicitors will support you throughout the process in a professional manner. We understand that individuals who come to us are often extremely stressed and anxious by the situation at work and therefore ensure that we provide a confidential service along with a sensitive approach.