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Divorce and Separation

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Kelly Parks
Kelly Parks
Head of Family

Divorce across the years


there were only 3764 divorces. This is a small number considering the population was nearly 40 million in England and wales.


there were 120,522.


there were 165,018 divorces - this is the highest amount of divorces in a year since records began


divorces dropped down to 118,140

Facts about divorce

  • 42% of all marriages are expected to end in divorce
  • Almost half of these will end within the first 10 years of marriage
  • 34% OF MARRIAGES will end in divorce BY THE 20TH wedding anniversary…
  • …but if you make IT TO 26 YEARS, your probability OF DIVORCE IS LESS THAN 1%
  • The chance of divorce is greatest between 4th and 8th wedding anniversary
  • 53% of marriages of under 20s end in divorce by the 30th anniversary

BUT DESPITE THESE DISMAL FIGURES; the average marraige in england and wales lasts 32 YEARS.

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