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New Build Homes

When looking to buy a new property, it is crucial to use a conveyancing solicitor that will handle the legal process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At Banner Jones, we have a wealth of experience in new build property conveyancing.  As the process is deadline driven, you need a proactive conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf.

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Buying A New Build Home

The legal process of buying a new build property is different and often more complicated than an existing property.

Usually, when buying a new build property, your offer is accepted by the builder before the property is structurally complete.

The Four Stages of buying a new build

Step One: The Reservation Process

You must pay a reservation fee, so the developers can build your new home.

Step Two: The Conveyancing Process

The legal process of buying the property.

Step Three: Exchange of contracts 

These contracts are exhanged between you and the seller.

Step Four: Completion Date 

This is the date when the keys are transferred between the seller and the buyer

A guide to buying a new build home

Timing is crucial with a new build

With new homes being in such demand, there is no shortage of buyers. When you purchase a new build property, you will have a limited period to exchange contracts. Usually, it is 28 days to complete the legal conveyancing process.

 At Banner Jones, we understand that owning your new home is deadline driven. You'll have a dedicated and proactive member of the conveyancing team to handle your matter. You'll be informed every step of the way.

Important information

When buying a new build, it is vital that you instruct a solicitor immediately. The time frame to exchange contracts is limited. Your conveyancing solicitor must do searches on the property which relies on getting information from third parties.

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