As a victim of criminal activity, you may be entitled to compensation.

In our experience we have found that, sadly, very few people are aware of the existence of a government funded scheme called the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. The CICA helps innocent victims of crime by issuing compensation for the physical and psychological injuries they have suffered. The damages awarded will help towards the costs of ongoing medial care, rehabilitation, lost earnings, home adaptations etc.

In straight forward cases a solicitor may not be required and often claimants may maximise their compensation by undertaking the claims process themselves. However, in cases of a more serious nature the assessment of the appropriate level of award (based on a tariff system) can be complex and unless properly understood it may result in you being under-compensated for your injury. We would advise that you speak to a Personal Injury solicitor who will assess the likelihood of your claim being successful.   Their intimate knowledge of the law and the procedures involved will give you better prospects of being awarded the appropriate damages.

At Banner Jones Solicitors, our Personal Injury specialists offer a free initial assessment appointment, and operate on a “no win: no fee” basis. If you have suffered an injury as the victim of a criminal activity, you may be eligible for compensation. Speak to an expert today to find out how Banner Jones can help.

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