Purchase Plus+ explained...

The Purchase Plus+ package entitles you to a free, large pizza from Domino’s which is great for the night you move in, and a £50 discount off a Will to help protect your future*.

We know that moving house is usually a very exciting time, and that you probably don’t want to think about writing a Will just at the moment. Following a house purchase, however, is actually a very good time to write a Will because your change in circumstance can be reflected in your Will. Most people who write a Will say how easy the process was and that they wished they’d done it sooner.

3 good reasons you should have a Will

  1. You control what happens to your assets after your death, including your home. Without a Will the ‘Intestacy Rules’ apply and the government decides who inherits what
  2. You can appoint guardians to look after any children after your death
  3. You can provide for any step children


*Terms and conditions apply. Purchase Plus + is not available in conjunction with any other offer.