The loss of a limb can cause severe changes to your quality of life, both physically and mentally.

Whatever the cause may be, losing a limb is a serious injury that will take time to come to terms with. The readjustment process following the amputation will be very difficult, not only for the amputee, but for everyone who is close to them too.

Amputation or limb loss can have a devastating effect on someone not only physically, but psychologically and financially too. It is possible that someone going through this experience will need to adapt their homes with new aids and equipment, pay for necessary medical care and manage the psychological side effects of the amputation.

If you or a relative has lost a limb for reasons that weren’t your fault, then you will be able to make a claim for compensation. Here at Banner Jones, we understand what a terrible time you are going through and how much an amputation can affect your life. We recognise that supporting someone through this adjustment in their lives is very important.