To be able to administer the wishes set out in a Will you may need to apply for probate (technically known as applying for a Grant of Probate or the granting of probate).

Applying for Probate is an order of the Court giving one or more people the legal authority to administer the estate of the deceased, in order to distribute it correctly to the beneficiaries (i.e. probate of will).

If you have any asset worth over £5,000, any stocks and shares or a property then your executors will usually need to apply for probate. If you don’t make a Will, they need to apply for Letters of Administration instead, which is very similar. A probate valuation will help you find out what your assets are worth.

Unless your assets are all owned jointly with someone else and will pass to them automatically, you will need a Probate solicitor before your estate can be paid out. We can provide detailed advice about this if you need it.

With our Fixed Fee promise after discussing the case with you we will fix your fee for our probate assistance so you know exactly what you will pay from the start. 

If you have thought about how to probate yourself then please be aware that you will be required to attend a personal interview at the Probate Registery in Sheffield.  As solicitors we can prepare the oath for you (at a lower fee) as part of our probate services which then saves you an additional trip to the Registery.

We have a team of Probate specialists in Chesterfield, Dronfield, Sheffield and Mansfield who are here to help.