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Corporate Wealth Management

Banner Jones Wealth Management can not only support businesses and individuals who need regular financial planning and wealth management advice, but are also able to assist where there is a need for simultaneous legal advice. With its background Banner Jones Wealth Management will be best placed to facilitate a comprehensive service covering all of your needs under one roof.

Banner Jones Wealth Management puts the client at the heart of everything and will help deliver the very best legal and financial strategies based on a deeper understanding of your businesses circumstances and plans.

Banner Jones Wealth Management LLP combines the expertise of two award winning teams Banner Jones Solicitors and Future Life Wealth Management. Banner Jones Wealth Management was established to facilitate advice to businesses, individuals, trustees and inheritors of wealth, providing access to high quality wealth management and bespoke financial planning.

At Banner Jones Wealth Management we aim high and we have a firm understanding of what it takes to get there. Our business is driven by a set of values that enables us to combine our individual strengths to achieve a shared vision. We use an effective combination of expertise, experience, personal responsibility and teamwork to create success for you our clients, our company and our community.

We can support your business in various ways:

  • Corporate Financial Planning
  • Auto-Enrolment
  • Employee Benefits
  • Business Protection
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Key Man Insurance

For more information, help, or to arrange an appointment, call 01246 560570 or email