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Grant Hodgkiss

Why did you apply to Banner Jones?

After completing my BTEC Business Diploma I knew that I wanted to pursue a career working within a well-respected business that prides itself on looking after their customers, employees and local community, Banner Jones stood out from the crowd.

How has Banner Jones assisted in your career progression?

I commenced with Banner Jones in 2012 on a temporary contract as Admin Assistant within the Chesterfield Town centre, I quickly began developing new skills and knowledge and was offered a permanent position where I progressed to  Admin Coordinator, supervising a team of Administration Assistants.  My consistent hard-work, contribution and career development assisted me in being promoted further as HR Assistant.  Banner Jones strives to continuously encourage staff members to develop and learn new skills.  I feel the company have been more than supportive in my career development by funding me through two external HR qualifications.  The Company were more than accommodating with flexible working and paid study leave to aid in the completion of my formal HR qualifications.

What sets the Banner Jones experience apart from past employers?

Banner Jones sets itself apart from my other employers as they are a great believer of developing their staff through consistently wanting to develop them, providing support and guidance wherever necessary. Banner Jones has a family ethos, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and welcomed from the day they start, ensuring that every employee feels valued in their role, no matter what role or job title they have.

In summary, what is it like working at Banner Jones?

Banner Jones has given me the opportunity to continuously develop my skills, knowledge, and experience, offering new challenges and career prospects. The ethos of Banner Jones enables employees to thrive in their own careers whilst making a difference to both clients and the local community.