We provide fast and efficient Notary Public services in Chesterfield, Mansfield and Sheffield at competitive rates. Whether you are a business engaged in international trade or you wish to be married outside the UK, we provide a comprehensive, high quality service.

A Notary is a qualified lawyer with a specialist additional qualification, appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The rules which affect Notaries are very similar to the rules which affect Solicitors.

A Notary’s work normally involves the preparation and authentication of documents for use abroad, Notaries are recognised internationally, unlike Solicitors.

Many notaries do work for commercial firms engaged in international trade, and for private individuals. The most common tasks are:

  • Dealing with documents for weddings abroad
  • Preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas
  • Dealing with purchase or sale of land and property abroad
  • Providing documents to deal with the administration of the estate of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad
  • Authenticating personal documents and information for immigration or emigration purposes, or to work abroad
  • Authenticating company and business documents and transactions
  • Notarising medical reports and police reports for use in connection with accidents abroad