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Jenna Jackson

Why did you apply to Banner Jones?

I had recently graduated from University and wanted to start a career in the legal field. After researching local firms, Banner Jones has a good reputation and I applied for a role as an administration assistant to gain hands on experience.

How has Banner Jones assisted in your career progression?

Banner Jones has greatly assisted in my career progression. I started as an administration assistant and have progressed through several roles in a range of departments to the role I am currently in as a Will Writer. Banner Jones have supported me through qualifications specialising  in the areas of law in which I have worked to enable me to gain specific knowledge and qualifications in Conveyancing and Wills and Probate. The firm also ensures staff members are up to date on general topics by providing training on a regular basis.

What sets the  Banner Jones experience apart from  past employers?

Banner Jones has always been a supportive firm, recognising individuals potentials and assisting them, in achieving their potential. The staff members are friendly and approachable making a great environment to work in.

In summary, what is it like working at Banner Jones?

A standard day in the office is fast paced to ensure the best customer service is provided to clients. There is always a supportive feel from colleagues and no two days are ever the same!