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Slips and Trips in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Dronfield and Mansfield

The owners or occupiers of public or commercial premises have a duty of care to ensure your safety. If your accident happened on their premises, and we can prove they failed in that duty, we should be able to make a strong case for a slip injury compensation claim.

Our team specialise in accident claims involving slipping/tripping injuries. If you have a right to pursue a claim, we’ll do everything we can to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Not only that, but if your slip injuries are such that you’re incapacitated, they’ll ensure you get the right rehabilitation support to help you get back on an even keel. We can also do home visits during the process if required.

If you slipped in a shop, pub or other public place, try and take photos of the area where you slipped. This will help us to prove that someone else was at fault for your accident. You should also make sure that your slip is recorded in the accident book, if applicable. It is also useful to collect the names and addresses of any witnesses who can help to piece together what happened.

Accidents in Public Places

Every year in the UK, thousands of people are injured due to an accident in a public place. Most recover from their injuries with time but the knock-on effect for others can mean long term disability, ongoing pain and continuing financial losses. If you have been injured as a result of an accident in a public place, such as a trip, slip or fall, then you could be entitled to make an accident claim to compensate you for your injuries. 

Thousands of people every year experience some form of accident in a public place for which they could make an accident compensation claim. This could be the result of a trip, slip, fall or being struck by falling objects.

The responsibility for the accident will often lie with the owner of the premises or property in which the accident took place, or the local authority responsible for maintaining public spaces. They have a legal responsibility known as a "duty of care" to minimise the risk of accidents, and where we can prove you were injured because that duty was breached, we’ll pursue an accident compensation claim on your behalf.

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Common Slips and Trips Questions

How long will it take before I get compensated?

In most cases, the limiting factor is the length of time which has to pass before a final opinion can be obtained from a medical expert as to the extent to which an injured person has effected a recovery. In the simplest of cases a conclusion may be reached in around 6 months. However, where more severe injuries are sustained then it may take a number of years to get to a point where the medical eveidence is sufficiently clear to enable the case to be concluded.

In cases where liability is admitted but the case cannot be concluded quickly because of the nature of the injuries then it may be possible to obtain an interrim payment on account of the final award of compensation to be paid.

How much will I get?

The amount of compensation to be received is determined by an assessment of the extent to which you have been injured and have effected a recovery from those injuries. Each case is considered in the light of other cases which have been dealt with by the Courts so as to reach an appropriate level of award.

In addition to the award for the injuries sustained you can also claim for other financial loss such as lost earnings, travelling expenses and the cost of medication.Further and where appropriate a claim can be made for the value or cost of care required or the loss of benefits such as a pension.

What happens if I have Legal expenses Insurance?

If you have legal expenses insurance then we will contact your legal expenses insurers to seek authority to represent you under that policy.

Where we represent you under a policy of legal expenses insurance then in most cases from the date when cover is confirmed and up to the maximum cover provided by the policy your own and any of your opponents legal costs ordered to be paid by you will be met by your insurers.


What happens if I lose the case?

There are many different answers to this question which will depend on the exact terms of your retainer with your Solicitor. The answer below should only be taken as general guidance and you should ensure that your Solicitor makes the implications of losing the case clear to you given the manner in which you choose to fund your case.

If you lose the case then your liability for legal costs will depend on a number of factors and in particular the manner in which the claim is being funded at the point which the claim has reached.

In most cases where a claim is lost or discontinued prior to the issue of court proceddings then no costs will generally be recovered by the successful opponent from you.

Where a case is unsuccessful after court proceedings are issued then it is likely that you would be held responsible for your opponents costs . Where you have  the benefit of a policy of legal expenses insurance then it is likely that your opponents costs will be covered by that policy. Where no such policy is in place then it is likely that you will be responsible personally for those costs.

Where a case is unsuccessful after court proceedings are issued then you will generally also be responsible for your own legal costs. Where the claim is being pursued on a conditional fee agreement then no charge will be made by the your Solicitor. However, in all other casesyou will be reponsible for your own costs save where a policy of legal expenses insurance is in place which covers those costs.


Will I have to go to court?

It is rare that a claim will proceed to a final hearing before the Court which you would have to attend.

Will I have to visit a Doctor as part of the case?

In all cases where a claim for personal injuries is made , that claim needs to be supported with medical evidence in the form of a medical report. This report is prepared following a medical examination with a nominated medical expert which will be arranged by your Solicitor.

Personal Injury Claim

I am very grateful for all your efforts and a very satisfactory result. I cannot thank you enough for a first class service and I will happily recommend you to my friends and family.

Mr W, Nottingham

I was involved in an accident and my insurance company thought they had achieved the world for me by getting an offer of 50/50. This offer would mean not only would I get 50% of the damage done to my car, but would also lose my no claims bonus. I went to Banner Jones with all the paperwork and just a few weeks later I was banking a cheque for the full amount of damages and had my no claims discount. Great Service!

Mr B, Chesterfield

Very efficient, friendly and professional. We would definitely recommend to friends and family. They made the whole experience problem free.

Mrs W, Mansfield

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We take data privacy very seriously, and we want you to understand and feel confident about how we collect, store and handle your personal data. If you’d like to find out more you can read our Privacy Policy.