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There have been significant changes made to the way in which family and matrimonial legal fees can be met introduced by the government from the 1st of April 2013.

For the vast majority of cases, Public Funding or Legal Aid as we know it has now come to an end. Banner Jones’ expert family law solicitors in Sheffield, Dronfield,  Mansfield and Chesterfield can provide expert guidance and advice on if you still qualify for Legal Aid.

Banner Jones offer expert advice on the different funding options available to you.

Funding in Chesterfield, Dronfield, Sheffield and Mansfield

Legal Aid Solicitors

Private Funding

If you are not eligible for any LSC funding there are various ways in which we can help you fund your case. At Banner Jones we offer fixed fee packages for divorce which helps you to budget in advance. Click here for more information on Fixed Fees for divorce. We will also where possible try to offer you a tailor made fixed fee solution for the various stages of your case.

Legal Aid Advice and Assistance

Legal Aid is still available for certain types of family matters. For full information on Legal Aid visit our Legal Aid Page which explains the updated Legal Aid Family Law and will inform you if you could qualify for legal aid assistance.

Family Mediation

Funding may be available for the mediation of a family dispute. This means trying to reach an agreed settlement with the help of an independent mediator. See our Mediation section for further details.

Banner Jones Expert Family Solicitors

Our expert family law solicitors are highly experienced and will treat each case uniquely depending on your circumstances. Our family law specialists achieve solutions through confidential settlements and are always on hand to provide support when resolving family law issues.

We have offices in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Dronfield, Mansfield & Nottingham..

Fixed Fee Divorce


Fixed Fee Divorce
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Frequently Asked Questions

He's got to keep a roof over our heads hasn't he?

Non-residential parents have to pay maintenance for their children; hopefully the amount can be agreed though negotiation and if not then the CSA will decide. Each case is different. If for example the Mum and the children stay in the family home then she may relinquish her claims over any other assets such as pension and savings in return.

How soon can I file for a no fault divorce?

You can get divorced in England or Wales if all of the following are true:

  • you’ve been married for over a year
  • your relationship has permanently broken down
  • your marriage is legally recognised in the UK (including same-sex marriage)
What am I entitled to in a no fault divorce?

The aim when sharing out matrimonial assets is to be fair. Both spouses have to make full disclosure about their assets and debts before any decisions can be made about distribution, trying to hide anything won't work. Factors which are important when sharing out the assets include the current and future needs of each spouse and any dependent children; the length of marriage and the age, earning capacity and contributions of each party.

Will I lose touch with my children?

Your aim should be that both parents still play an active part in the raising of the child/children.  Usually parents sort this out amongst themselves, although if there are problems mediation can be a good way to resolve this.  Going to Court should always be the last resort where children are involved.

Will we have to go to Court during our divorce?

No, getting a divorce should be an administrative excersise only and there are many options open to you that avoid going to Court.

Divorce and Family law

Thanks for your assistance with my case, your advice has been invaluable, and I would certainly recommend Banner Jones to my family and friends.

Mr P Sheffield

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