Looking to buy a new home but only have a small deposit? The government-backed Help to Buy Scheme can help you to get on the property ladder and own your own home. The scheme allows buyers to get a new build property with a deposit as little as 5%.
When buying a new home, you must complete the legal ownership process known as conveyancing.

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How the Help to Buy Scheme works

You need a 5% deposit to qualify. The government will provide you with a 20% deposit that is interest-free for the first five years. However, after five years you will pay a monthly administration fee.

The equity loan from the government must be paid off in full, by one of the following terms whichever happens first:

  • After 25 years
  • At the end of your mortgage agreement
  • When you sell your home

On an equity loan, you will always pay the same level of interest rate. However:

  • If your property increases in value, you will pay more money back.
  • If the property loses value, you will pay less back than you borrowed.

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