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Lauren Mahon

Why did you apply to Banner Jones?

After graduating from the University of Lancaster with an LLB degree, I was looking for work in a multi-disciplinary firm. I had aspirations for a training contract. I was able to see the variety of work that Banner Jones offers to its clients, and this was appealing when I was looking to better define and explore which area of law I wished to qualify into. It was also clear that Banner Jones values ‘home growth’ and therefore I hoped to receive a training contract offer and continue my career progression within the firm.

I joined the firm in 2017 as a Legal Secretary in the Personal Injury Department. I also gained experience assisting the Dispute Resolution and Employment teams. From there, I went on to work as a Paralegal whilst completing my post-graduate studies.

My training contract began in 2019, and I qualified in 2021.


How has Banner Jones assisted in your career progression?

Banner Jones have been very supportive of my training throughout my time at the firm. They have been accommodating whilst I completed my LPC and Masters programmes, and if ever there was a need I felt comfortable and able to approach colleagues for guidance, including colleagues outside of my team. Everyone has been friendly and happy to help, and having now qualified I hope to be able to assist future trainees in kind.

As a Trainee I had ample, fully supported training. I would have regular monthly catch ups with my department heads to discuss the work I had done to date, and what other areas of work within their department I was yet to gain experience in. My responsibilities increased the more time I spent in each seat and in Family, the department I spent the longest (with an intention to qualify into) I was running cases, with supervision, by the end of my time there.

Post qualification training does not stop. There are always opportunities to further our expertise in our chosen area and the firm supports this. I still have regular meetings with my head of department and members of upper management where we discuss my career goals.


What sets the Banner Jones experience apart from past employers?

I really enjoy how client focused we are here in the Family department. You are really able to build a relationship with clients during the progression of their cases, which of course is only natural given that they are often coming to us for assistance with issues that go to the very heart of their family and home life. It is very rewarding to get to the end of the matter and know that you have helped someone get out of what can be a terrible or painful situation.

I have learned that no two cases are ever the same, and in turn that means that no two working days are alike. I enjoy the variety of my work, and it certainly keeps things interesting.


In summary, what is it like working at Banner Jones?

I have made some great friends since starting at Banner Jones, and have always felt supported by my team. I genuinely look forward to coming to work in the mornings, and I am excited to continue to my career with the firm.