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Rob Stubbs

Why did you apply to Banner Jones?

I applied to banner Jones in 2003, when I was looking to secure a training contract. I had just completed my law degree and was about to start my Legal Practice course and wanted to get a training contract lined up. I grew up in Derbyshire and was aware of Banner Jones’ strong reputation, so decided to apply. Luckily I was successful and started working here as a trainee solicitor in 2004.

How has Banner Jones assisted in your career progression?

My entire legal career has been at Banner Jones. I have been fortunate to progress from trainee solicitor, via solicitor and Director, to my current role as Head of Dispute Resolution and Executive Director. Along the way I have received some excellent training and support from great mentors, who encouraged me and helped me to develop my skills.

What sets the  Banner Jones experience apart from past employers?

The first thing that comes to mind is the people. There’s a great sense of camaraderie and a positive and supportive working environment. We also look for opportunities to allow staff to progress within the business. Whilst I followed a quite traditional route, many of my colleagues have taken varied paths to further their careers. We encourage and support staff to attain qualifications such as CILEX whilst  gaining practical experience at the same time. I also feel we are always striving to progress and develop the business and we are a very forward thinking company.

In summary, what is it like working at Banner Jones?

I enjoy the varied range of work that I do and the autonomy that I have in developing our department. I feel a sense of achievement in the quality of work that we undertake and the results that we secure for our clients. It is a pleasure to work with a great team and I hope that I can support and assist my colleagues to develop their careers, in the same way that I was throughout my career.