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Wrongful Dismissal Frequently Asked Questions

Wrongful dismissal is different to unfair dismissal, but it is often used interchangeably with unfair dismissal. Unfair dismissal relates to the reason and / or process followed by an employer in bringing employment to an end. Wrongful dismissal relates solely to whether proper notice was given to terminate the employment relationship.

A wrongful dismissal occurs when someone is dismissed without the correct amount of notice. All employees with more than one months’ service are entitled to statutory notice regardless of what their contract of employment or statement of terms and conditions say.

We can help you with a claim for wrongful dismissal if you have been dismissed by your employer without being given the correct amount of notice and do not believe that you have done anything to justify being dismissed summarily (without notice). For more information, call Banner Jones Solicitors on 0330 017 6309 and get the latest legal advice today!

For your convenience, we also offer a flexible range of fee options on all aspects of employment law.

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