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Mediation Resources

If you want to divorce or separate from your partner, mediation will often be recommended to you as a first step.

We can recommend local mediators who can help you to resolve these issues. Meeting with an impartial mediator means that you can discuss and agree solutions in a friendly, neutral setting away from the pressure and strain of court proceedings.

Mediation can help you resolve issues and make important decisions in a friendly and civil environment.

  • Arrangements for the care of your children
  • Financial arrangements
  • Dividing up your property and other shared assets
  • Your separation or divorce
  • How you and your partner will communicate in future
  • Any other related issues
Are Pre-Nups Binding?

Are Pre-Nups Binding?

Just how binding are Pre-nuptial Agreements in the British Courts? Well a recent ruling of the High Court on a French ‘pre-nuptial agreement’ pretty much spells it out.

Children & Separation Guide

Children & Separation Guide

Getting through a divorce or separation is hard at the best of times but is often even harder when there are children involved in the relationship. Use our helpful guide for tips on explaining the situation to the children.

Divorce Survival Tips

Divorce Survival Tips

We’ve enlisted the help of some local relationship counsellors in Sheffield to provide you with some survival advice to help get you through a divorce.

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