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Legalisation Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be accepted in certain countries, your documents once notarised and then apostilled may still be subject to an additional level of verification by the UK-based Embassy or consulate of the receiving country.

Legalisation simply means that the signature, seal or stamp appearing on your documents is confirmed as genuine and they will then counter-sign and stamp the documents to enable them to be accepted by the destination country. This additional level of certification can add complexity to the process as all consulates and Embassies all have different procedures and costs. Our Notaries, Stephen Gordon (Chesterfield) and Matthew Maiden (Mansfield)  will take a look at your documents and inform you what exactly is required to get your documents to their destination.   

To speed up the legalisation process for our clients we use an agent in London who will courier the documents to the Embassy on your behalf.

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