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CICA Claims for Abuse Testimonials

In straight forward cases a solicitor may not be required and often claimants may maximise their compensation by undertaking the claims process themselves via an in-depth online application.

In cases of a more serious nature, the assessment of the appropriate level of award (based on a tariff system) can be complex and unless properly understood it may result in you being under-compensated for your injury. We would advise that you speak to a Personal Injury solicitor who will assess the likelihood of your claim being successful.   Their intimate knowledge of the law and the procedures involved will give you better prospects of being awarded the appropriate damages. 

Survivors of sexual and physical abuse can use the CICA scheme to claim compensation not only for the actions of the individual who committed the criminal offence (even if they are deceased), but also their employer, if say for example they were employed by the Local Authority.  In some cases a Civil personal injury claim can apply to the same incident so it can be worthwhile asking a solicitor to explore both options for you.  Civil personal injury claims which are subject to a full assessment of the case by the court, are not tariff based and are not capped like CICA claims but you should bear in mind that if you are successful with both claims, you will need to pay the CICA claim back.  

At Banner Jones Solicitors, our Personal Injury specialists offer a free initial assessment appointment, and will offer you a number of funding options where appropriate, which may include a no win no fee agreement. If you have suffered an injury as the victim of a criminal activity, or are a survivor of physical and sexual abuse you may be eligible for compensation. Speak to an expert today to find out how Banner Jones can help.

More information can be found by visiting the CICA website


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