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Brain Injuries Testimonials

Injuries to the brain are amongst the most life changing of all injuries and very often they occur as a result of an accident.  This unexpected and sudden trauma will not only affect the injured person, but everyone close to them too.

If you are a relative of someone who has suffered a brain injury, we understand that you will be feeling worried about the future. But, please be reassured that a specialist injury solicitor such as Banner Jones can help you get the compensation your relative so rightly deserves.  Our medical and disability experts recognise that supporting someone through this adjustment in their lives is very important, as very often the patient will no longer be able to perform simple daily tasks and may never work again.   The burden on you as the relative is great and we’re here to help you ease the financial worries that add to the stress of an already dreadful situation. Our meetings can take place in the hospital to avoid putting you under any further pressure and inconvenience.

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I am very grateful for all your efforts and a very satisfactory result. I cannot thank you enough for a first class service and I will happily recommend you to my friends and family.

Mr W, Nottingham

I can not fault Mr Banner in any way for the work he did for me. He was friendly and professional and he managed the case to my benefit. Thank you.


I was involved in an accident and my insurance company thought they had achieved the world for me by getting an offer of 50/50. This offer would mean not only would I get 50% of the damage done to my car, but would also lose my no claims bonus. I went to Banner Jones with all the paperwork and just a few weeks later I was banking a cheque for the full amount of damages and had my no claims discount. Great Service!

Mr B, Chesterfield

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