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Legacies Testimonials

Leaving money to charity in your Will can be a very satisfying thing to do, perhaps because they’ve helped you or your loved ones in the past and you want to thank them for their hard work by leaving them a gift.

There are two ways you can decide to leave money.  You can  leave either a residuary gift which is a % share of your final estate (once your family have been provided for), or you can specify the amount of money you wish to leave (A pecuniary gift).  

All gifts to charity in your Will are exempt from Inheritance Tax.  These gifts are taken out of your estate before any inheritance tax is worked out, so there may be times when a gift to charity could substantially reduce the tax on your estate.

We work in partnership with several different charities and you could help us to help them by leaving a gift in your Will.

The Little Book of Me

In a digital world full of account numbers and user names, it may be hard to imagine someone trying to locate all of that information when the time comes. We have created a ‘Little Book of Me’ document as a way for you to capture all of your important personal and financial details in one place.

We are currently offering this for FREE and will store it alongside your Will or LPA for safe keeping.

FREE 'Little Book of Me' with every Will

The service I received couldn't have been better!

Mrs C, Chesterfield

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