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Here are some things that you will need to consider carefully during the formation of your business.

  • The company structure, Sole Trader, LLP or Ltd company?
  • The choice of Company name.  Your trading/brand name may be different to your registered company name for tax purposes.
  • The preparation of memorandum and Articles of Association
  • The buying of the Company
  • The registering of Domain Names for websites
  • Sorting out the Company Secretary and Directors. With Directors Duties and Liabilities becoming more onerous all the time it is vital that the relevant Companies and Insolvency Legislation is complied with.
  • The issue of Share Capital.
  • Protecting your Intellectual Property. We can help you apply for patents or registration marks if required.

It isn’t always new companies who need advice on Company Formation, often we see Companies involved in mergers, takeovers, management buyouts and purchasers that need to ensure the change is structured in the best way possible. As part of this we can advise on share transfers and restructuring.

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