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If you have suffered financial losses or damage as a result of mistakes made by a professional, such as an accountant, solicitor, architect, or surveyor, we may be able to assist you in recovering compensation.

Our team can assist you in establishing whether you have a claim for negligence and, if so, ensure that the relevant pre-action protocol is complied with. 

We will consider the most suitable and cost effective way of resolving your claim, including Alternative Dispute Resolution, which we have considerable experience of.  In the event that we are unable to resolve your case by negotiation or Alternative Dispute Resolution, we will advise you regarding the merits of court proceedings and will assist you in seeking the appropriate remedy via the courts. 

We offer an initial fixed-fee appointment followed up with a detailed advice letter, to assist you in establishing the merits of your case and to provide you with a suggested course of action.

Are these types of dispute expensive?

As with any legal dispute, costs are a very important consideration and therefore these must be carefully discussed at the outset of a claim. Court proceedings can be very expensive but the vast majority of disputes reach a settlement without the need for a final court hearing.  We offer a number of different funding options to clients and will always seek to offer an appropriate method of funding a claim, together with regular costs updates as the claim progresses.

How long do claims take?

It is difficult to give an accurate timescale as each dispute is different and the timescale largely depends on whether an early resolution can be achieved.  If a settlement can be negotiated informally without legal proceedings being necessary then a typical dispute may be resolved in 3-6 months.

How long do I have to make a claim?

The relevant limitation period in most professional negligence is six years from the date of the negligence, but this can be extended in circumstances where the negligence only comes to light at a later date.

What if the Defendant is no longer trading or is insolvent?

Typically, most professionals will carry indemnity insurance to cover against any claims.  We will therefore ascertain whether there is sufficient cover in place before embarking on any claim.

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