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5 steps to a simple house move


There’s nothing like moving home to leave you feeling like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster.

There’s the frustration of searching for your ideal property, the thrill of finding it, the dash to get the legal work completed, the effort of packing up and the sheer delight of finally getting your new keys.

Whether you’re a first time buyer, upgrading or downsizing, even the most straight-forward of property deals can have its moments.

Of course it can be hard going. But by the time you’ve unpacked the kettle and are enjoying a comforting brew in your new home, the stresses and strains of moving are mostly forgotten.

Avoid the stress, plan ahead

Buying or selling a property doesn’t have to be wall to wall stress.

Once you know the trigger points – the key areas which tend to create stress in a typical property deal – you can start to plan ahead.

Getting ready for a move? Here’s how to dodge the stress and make your move as trouble-free as possible.

  • Shop around for quotes: You will want to be sure that the fees you are quoted are competitive, but make sure that when comparing quotes that you are comparing like for like as sometimes there can be hidden extras.
  • Ask the experts: Don’t leave the biggest deal you’re likely to do in life to sheer chance. Instruct a solicitor with years of residential conveyancing experience well in advance. You’ll have peace of mind that your move is being properly handled. Plus, your solicitor can prepare a lot of sale paperwork in advance, saving precious time when the pressure is on. If you are using a Help to Buy or Shared Ownership scheme, make sure your solicitor has experience in dealing with these as they tend to be more complex transactions.
  • Check points: Suddenly realising you need building certificates right before the sale goes through will just raise the stress levels. Check you have relevant documents nice and early. Don’t just hope no one will ask about them – they will.
  • Think ahead: Help to avoid maximum stress by not planning to exchange and complete on the same day. All it takes is one person in the chain to back out and you’re left with the removal company’s bill, packed boxes and the stress of no deal. Plan a bit of flexibility into your timescale.
  • Pack it up: Flinging all your belongings into a box at the last gasp is certainly one stress you can avoid. Start packing little bits and pieces as soon as you decide you’re moving. Organise a removal firm as soon as you can – avoid making a firm booking until you know the deal is definite. Clean up as you pack too. That way you won’t spend moving day with a mop and bucket cleaning up.
  • And breathe: It’s a stressful time even when it all goes to plan. Plan some ‘me’ time, go to gym, enjoy a walk or grab a coffee with friends – you’ll cope much better and all the worries won’t seem quite so bad.

Moving isn’t easy, but plan ahead and use the services of a good lawyer, and you’ll minimise the strain.

Then all you need to do is settle in, put your feet up and enjoy your new home.


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