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HS2 in the Midlands Frequently Asked Questions

The Government’s HS2 railway development was first proposed in 2010, as a phased series of new high-speed railway lines connecting the north and south of the country.

The programme has been controversial since its inception, and has seen several delays, but is still currently expected to go-ahead with development beginning in earnest in 2020. The line itself is scheduled to be fully operational by 2033.

With one of the new railway lines planned to run directly through Chesterfield, Sheffield and the Midlands, the local area is particularly affected by the programme. The Shimmer Estate, a new build development in South Yorkshire, recently made headlines when residents were informed their homes would need to be demolished only weeks after they moved in, with some houses on the estate still even being under construction.

Given that we have offices in several areas which are directly affected by the proposed HS2 developments, our conveyancers are very experienced in dealing with all manner of legal work related to the project, such as compulsory purchases, compensation claims and sales through the ‘Need to Sell’ scheme. If you have received a letter from the Government about your property and need to instruct a conveyancer, or have any queries about how HS2 may affect your home, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

An investor has pulled out causing our chain to collapse, what can we do?

The current market and national economy is so uncertain that people may choose to wait and indeed remove their risk by pulling out of the transaction.  Although there is no reason not to carry on as normal in terms of the legal process we have to consider slower transaction times or hesitant investors or buyers.

What happens if there are disruption to banking services due to coronavirus?

If banks or mortgage lenders are unable to move funds around due to staffing shortages then this will disrupt your completion, however, be reassured that they will be doing everything they can to prevent this scenario.

Will removal companies be happy to enter properties during the coronavirus measures?

As things stand, it will be down to the individual companies who will have their own policies in place so the best thing is to contact our remover and discuss their policy with them.

Will the search providers be able to carry out searches during the coronavirus measures?

The majority of the searches are automated through computer systems and will therefore not be affected, however, the local authority searches are done by visiting the council offices.  Please therefore expect lengthy delays on the return of those searches as some council offices are not allowing visitors.

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