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Kelly Parks, Director, Head of Family Law

Kelly Parks

Why did you apply to Banner Jones?

One of the main attractions to me was that I could work part-time in a law firm with a good reputation, which had good marketing and a strong local presence.  The location in chesterfield was a bonus as it's near to  where my child care is (my mum).

How has Banner Jones assisted in your career progression?

I have been promoted to Director and Head of Department since I have joined the firm. Banner Jones have been supportive to allow me to progress and still work part-time to enable me to have the time I need with my young children. They understand that you can do both!

What sets the  Banner Jones experience apart from  past employers?

Flexible working allows me to juggle a family whilst maintaining a career. I can take my children to school every morning and collect them twice a week, which is really important to me.

The approachability of the people in charge of the firm.

It’s a really nice environment to work in with a good morale which makes you enjoy coming to work.

In summary, what is it like working at Banner Jones?

I have worked at lots of law firms and this is a really nice place to work and is one of the few law firms that does not have issues with you working part-time. They understand that you will work harder when you are in the office and at home to ensure the needs of the client’s are met; whilst juggling family commitments.