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Parental alienation is a psychological mind game which involves unnecessary manipulation and behaviour towards a child to ruin a relationship between the child and the separated or divorced parent. Cafcass (The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) say that Parental alienation is a form of child abuse.

At Banner Jones, we understand that ex-partners may not get along. However, it is imperative to be strong and fair for the interest of the children involved.

This type of behaviour not only damages the relationship between the children involved and the separated parent but also has long-term, even permanent, psychological implications. 

At Banner Jones, our Family Law Solicitors in Sheffield, Dronfield, Nottingham, Mansfield and Chesterfield can evaluate the following signs:

  • False allegations
  • Recognising alienation behaviour in a child and protecting the affected child
  • Identifying alienation in parents

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