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What is Commercial Mediation?

Mediation is a method of resolving disputes that does not require the Court to impose a judgement, making it a cheaper and quicker way to reach a resolution.

Very often we find that the Courts actually demand that mediation is tried before they allow proceedings to commence. We therefore advise businesses that need help to resolve a dispute that it’s better to try mediation first rather than face the cost of trying to go to Court.

Mediation is a voluntary process and can only be successful where both parties are happy to attend.

Mediation is therefore unsuitable when either party is unable to accept the situation and is unwilling to negotiate. Sometimes there is such extreme conflict and an imbalance of power between the parties which the mediator simply cannot redress. We will be able to tell you during the initial call as to whether mediation is a worthwhile option for you.

The Benefits Of Mediation

  • You remain in control of the process, the mediator can’t force an agreement
  • You avoid the cost and the stress of going to court
  • You can reach a resolution much more quickly, sometimes within a day
  • Mediation helps you maintain better relationships which is often important in business
  • A mediation settlement is still binding and enforceable
  • Mediation takes place in private, and the outcome remains confidential
  • With small claims Court now limited to £10,000 it can be worthwhile trying mediation first

Who can Mediation help?

We’ve helped a wide range of clients through
mediation and here is a list of the most common types
of disputes:

  • Building disputes
  • Partnership, Company & Corporate disputes
  • Landlord & Tenant disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Property and Boundary disputes
  • Wills and Inheritance tax disputes
  • Professional Negligence disputes
  • Debt disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Family disputes such as family debt and forced marriage

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Mediation take?

This depends on the complexity of the case and on the parties' willingness to reach an agreement.It usually takes place over half or full day sessions, and very often a ‘Mediation Settlement Agreement’ is agreed in one or two meetings.

How much does it cost?

Before you commit to mediation you will be told the fixed cost per session and how many sessions are likely to be required. The costs are often split between the parties.

Where does the Mediation take place?

Mediation can take place wherever you would like, however, we recommend a neutral location such as one of our offices.

97% of our clients would recommend us to a friend
(Ongoing Client Survey)

Very good. I am pleased with the outcome of it all. I am very pleased that I came to Mediation.

Mr W, Wymeswold

I was very satisfied with the mediation. It helped me to understand and clarify the issues and reach an agreeable outcome. Thank you!

Mrs B, Forest Town

I felt much better talking things through and would recommend mediation.

Mrs B, Bolsover

Mediation was an extremely easy process to follow. After years of dealing with other firms of solicitors, and protracted correspondence, a resolution was come to after 4 sessions. My mediator was unbiased but sympathetic.

Ms B, Heanor

Excellent service due to business relationship with our solicitor.

Mr A, Chesterfield

Service was incredible. Lee Foster made the transition smooth and easy. Thanks Lee!

Mr P, Rotherham

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