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Did you know that 42% of marriages end in divorce?

At Banner Jones, we know that every case is unique. We will cover all your options and recommend that the best solution for you.

Before you can proceed with a divorce, you must prove your marriage has irretrievably broken down by establishing one of the following five facts:

  1. Adultery.
  2. Unreasonable behaviour.
  3. Desertion.
  4. 2 years separation - consent is required by your partner.
  5. 5 years separation - no approval is required.

For more information about grounds for divorce and whether you have a case, call Banner Jones Solicitors on 0330 017 6301

The three stages of divorce:

Stage One: Prepare a divorce petition

After discussing your situation, and if we feel it is feasible, we will prepare you a divorce petition. This document will be sent to Court to start your divorce proceedings. If you have any children, a statement of arrangements will also be sent to Court.

Your spouse will receive a copy of the divorce petition which needs be signed and sent to Court. To begin filing for divorce, you will require a marriage certificate and must pay a Court Fee of £550.00.

Stage Two: Requesting permission from the Court to divorce - applying for Decree Nisi.

At Banner Jones, we will update the Court on any changes since the start of divorce proceedings.  All the information will be reviewed by a District Judge, who will decide if there's enough evidence for grounds of divorce. If the Court approves your case, we will receive a certificate called a Decree Nisi. This certificate states that the Court agrees your marriage has irretrievably broken down and permits you to end your marriage.

Stage 3: Making your divorce legally binding - applying for Decree Absolute.

The Decree Absolute is the final stage of the divorce procedure. This stage will officially end your marriage. You can only apply for Decree Absolute 43 days after the Decree Nisi date. Once the Decree Absolute is confirmed, both parties will be officially divorced and free to remarry.

Why do I need a solicitor for my divorce?

You can represent yourself when filing for divorce, but there are many reasons to get professional help. At Banner Jones, we know too well that family law is ever changing and keeping up to date with the correct information is challenging.

We've seen people try to represent themselves. If done unsuccessfully, this can end up costing more time and money and dragging out the divorce process even longer.  

Going through a divorce is hard enough. Our compassionate team of family law specialists are here to make the divorce process as straightforward and as stress-free as possible. By choosing a family law specialist, you will get all the support plus advice on more complex legal issues. 

Why choose Banner Jones for family law matters?

  • Our team of Sheffield based Family Law Solicitors will handle your case with the utmost care and support.
  • 97% of our clients would recommend us to a friend.
  • Since 2013, we’ve been a leading 500 Legal Law Firm.

For more information on fixed fee divorce in the Sheffield Hallam 2 FM region, call our specialists on 0330 017 6301 today!

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What do family law solicitors do?

A family law solicitor can help you with many legal aspects including the handling legal issues such as divorce, separation, child custody and adoption as well as taking care of child custody arrangements, putting prenuptial agreements in place and even taking care of property arrangements.

We know that relationships can be complicated, so here at Banner Jones, we are here to make to things as comfortable and as convenient as possible. For more information, call us in confidence on 0330 017 6307.

How can our Family Law Solicitors help?

Before marriage

Before getting married or entering a civil relationship, you can protect your assets and finances by drawing up a prenuptial agreement. This is an agreement made by a couple before they marry concerning the ownership of their respective assets if the marriage or civil relationship should fail. For more details, see our Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements page. 

When you are living together

If you are living with a partner and not married, you can also protect your assets and finances by creating a cohabitation agreement. Again, this agreement outlines what each party is entitled to if the relationship should fail. For more information, visit our Cohabitation Law page. 

Are you considering a divorce?

If you are married and considering going your separate ways, it is vital to see if you have any grounds for divorce.  The divorce process can be highly emotional and often made more complex by differing financial circumstances. 

At Banner Jones, our experienced team of Family Law Solicitors have a wealth of experience handling the most complex cases. If you feel you have any grounds for divorce, contact our team of compassionate family law specialists in confidence on 0330 017 6307 .For more information, see our grounds for divorce page. 

Are you a victim of domestic violence?

Nobody should live in an environment filled with emotional and physical abuse. Our team of specialists can handle all aspects of domestic violence. We provide compassionate advice and are highly capable of dealing with any sensitive issues. If we feel that you are in any danger, we will take necessary action to protect you and your loved ones. For more information, see our domestic violence page. 

How family law impacts children?

We know that a divorce or separation can have a tremendous impact on children. Our team of Family law solicitors will prioritise safety and ensure that the best possible outcome is reached for your children. For more information, see our family law and children page. 

Additional services we offer

Parental Responsibility

If you're married and have children, both parents will have parental responsibility. However, if you're unmarried and have children, the biological father may have limited parental responsibilities. In this case, it is essential to get the right support and legal advice. For more information, contact Banner Jones 0330 017 6307.

For more information, visit our parental responsibility page. 

Child Arrangement Orders

This arrangement outlines, who the child can see, spent time with and have contact with. This arrangement is often resorted to when either party cannot decide or when foster parents are involved. The Court will always make their decision based on the best interests of the child or children involved. For more information, visit our Child Arrangement Orders page. 

Grandparents Rights

As a grandparent, you don't have the right to immediate access to your grandchildren. You need to write to the Courts and request a "Contact Order". In most cases, a "Contact Order" will be granted.

What about any property?

Property and Family Law can be very complicated depending on the situation and the circumstances. Our family law solicitors can help to review your assets and assess who has the legal right to your property.

Our team of compassionate family law specialists have a wealth of experience in property settlement in a divorce or separation situation. Ownership of property can get very complicated and in some cases hostile. Our team can help to resolve this situation and reach an outcome that suits both parties.

Why choose Banner Jones Family Law Solicitors?

  • Our team of compassionate specialists are here to help you every step of the way.
  • Since 2013, Banner Jones has been recognised as a leading "UK Legal 500" firm.
  • We have a team of award-winning family law solicitors with a wealth of experience and offer excellent personal service.
  • We have specialist teams in Chesterfield, Dronfield, Mansfield, Nottingham and Sheffield.

For more information, call us in confidence on 0330 017 6307.

Legal 500

Legal 500

Our Family team have been ranked in the Legal 500 yet again for their outstanding work

Thank you for all your hard work and compassion with my matters.

Miss P, Chesterfield

You can't begin to imagine how grateful I am to you.  You have been matter of fact rather than thinking about the earning potential.  You are a lovely women so thank you so so much.  

Mrs L, Hasland

Excellent service. I would recommend Banner Jones for very helpful advice.

Mrs B, Berry Hill

Kelly was brilliant in how she explained things.

Mrs K, Arnold

Shetal Gudgeon was absolutely brillant dealing with my matter and have recommended her to friends going trough the same thing. She is friendly and professional and made me feel at ease

Ms W, Chesterfield

Thanks for your assistance with my case, your advice has been invaluable, and I would certainly recommend Banner Jones to my family and friends.

Mr P Sheffield

I found the firm generally helpful, polite and a pleasure to deal with.

Mrs W, Stavely

Exceptional service at a very reasonable cost.

Mr G, Forest Town

Thankyou Helena Downing for all your excellent service.

Mr & Mrs W, Alfreton

I would like to say a big thank you for your understanding at a very stressful time. You not only acted professionally but with great compassion. My family can not say in words how difficult a time we are having, and it means so much to have just a little kindness. No matter what the outcome today, you did a wonderful job.

Mr W, Swinton

Very pleased with the service provided. The Deed Poll process, fees etc. were all explained to me clearly by Kelly. All of the staff I dealt with were very helpful and professional. Thank you!

Miss B, Sheffield

Peter Jones is a very good solicitor, and helped and advised me to do what was best. He does not pressure you into taking his advice.

Mrs B, Boythorpe

Banner Jones Solicitors provided an excellent service in what was a slow and difficult divorce matter. The advice and persistence was very reassuring and eventually led to a good outcome.

Miss M, Chesterfield

Very efficient, friendly and professional. We would definitely recommend to friends and family. They made the whole experience problem free.

Mrs W, Mansfield

We’re really grateful for the work you did for us. 10 out of 10!

Mr & Mrs S, Bridlington

Very easy to make appointments, very personal service from all people at Banner Jones, my solicitor was very friendly and put me at ease. If I needed a solicitor again, Banner Jones would be the first on my list.

Mr C, Dronfield

Brilliant service, kept well informed all the way through the process. Would definitely recommend.

Miss H, Nottinghamshire

Cannot fault the service, efficient, prompt and cautious. Matters explained very well and clearly. Pleasantly surprised.

Mr & Mrs D, Mansfield

Service provided was excellent. All the staff were very helpful, considerate and professional. I would highly recommend to friends and family.

Mr W, Nottinghamshire

I have always experienced complete satisfaction with Banner Jones and their services over the last 15 years.

Mr & Mrs R, Sheffield

My wife and I would like to thank you for representing us and achieving an outcome that exceeded our hopes and expectatons.

Mr & Mrs N

We would like to thank you for all your help over the last few months and are relieved that's its all over. The children are happy to be back home with mum and have started to settle back down. 

Mr F, Chesterfield

I would recommend Banner Jones Solicitors 100% to anyone. Completely trustworthy, efficient and kind. You can rely on them to do everything they possibly can to fight your corner and protect your interests. Banner Jones' team will also go the extra mile to help too.

Ms C, Chesterfield

Thank you & your team for all of your help understanding during a very difficult time. We got there.

Mr B, Sheffield

Thank you once again to yourself and Graham for providing us with a fantastic service and if we need anything else in the future we will definitely come directly to you.

Mrs O, Mansfield

I just want to say thank you for your help and support with everything regarding my daughter It's just given me so much peace of mind, knowing that I had you representing me, and was prepared around all aspects of the case. Today has just allowed me to put the last few months behind me, and move forward with my life as a whole after a bad year. I can't wait to start spending some real, quality time with my daughter again, and actually get to watch her grow up.

Mr C, Chesterfield

Dear Peter, thank you for everything, especially your time in supporting me and most of all making me see sense.

Ms B, Chesterfield

A very big thank you to Peter Jones for the support, advice and guidance that you have given us over the last few months. Without fail, you have pitched your manner exactly right on each occasion, and I believe that you have definitley gone the extra mile and on more than one occasion!

On a personal note, I just wanted to thank you for guiding me towards the right decisions to help my daughter when my emotional involvement overshaddowed  my commonsense! Amazing work!

Miss G

Thank you Peter for getting my baby back I won't ever forget you and what you did for us.

Miss M, Chesterfield

Overall we made extremely good progress over the course of 4-5 sessions. Very good service.

Mr T, Nottingham

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and the support you have given during my recent divorce.

Mrs P, Sheffield

Very good. I am pleased with the outcome of it all.

Mr W, Wymeswold

Many heartfelt thanks for all you have done.

Mr M, Chesterfield

I am very happy and satisfied with the service you have provided and wish you all the best in life, with peace, harmony, health and wealth with abundance.

Thank you once again and may I also personally thank you sincerely for your compassion and sincerity throughout this difficult process.

Miss E, Sheffield

Really helpful. Able to discuss issues with a friendly, informative mediator and ex partner. Thank you for all your help. You have really helped us all xx

Mr G, Dronfield

My divorce was handled with great efficiency. you couldn't do enough to help with the process, and made it simple.

Mr F, Sheffield

I would like to say thank you for all your help and advice throughout this matter. 

Ms B, Chesterfield

Thank you for everything you have done Kelly.

Ms M, Chesterfield

Thanks for your help and support for the last few years 

Ms P, Chesterfield

After the 1st meeting my husband and I decided we could get together and we came to a mutual agreement on the financial situation and therefore didn't need further meetings, thanks to your initial help.

Mrs R, Grassmoor

You and value have been amazing with this case. I appreciate everything that you've already done and still doing. Seriously Shetal not sure I'd of got through the past 2 years without you both being strong for me and the children.  Thank you so so much.

Ms S, Sheffield

Divorce is always a stressful affair, however Kelly Walters removed all this for me by handling the whole thing without fuss and very efficiently. Kelly understood my rather complicated requirements and managed everything perfectly, keeping me in the loop at every stage. People often fill these forms out and put top marks for every aspect without thought. In my case, I put excellent for all categories because every aspect of the service I received was perfect. Banner Jones are now my go-to solicitor for ALL my legal needs.

Mr W, Dronfield
Very many thanks for your excellent and professional support
Mr S, Grindleford

Thank you for your patience, understasnding and determination to help us get there eventually

Mrs S, Chesterfield

The family department at Banner Jones have just completed the legal arrangements in respect of my divorce. The service I received was exemplary and I wanted to write to you to let you know this. I have been pretty constrained in relation to availability to meet and most of our business has been done over email which I appreciated. Responses have been very timely, updates provided regularly, deadlines hit and fees reasonable. I contrast this with the service provided by a large law firm in Sheffield in the early part of the year and your approach and that of your staff to customer services, in my view, sets your firm apart. Your firm came to me through personal content by a friend and I shall be happy to do the same. Thank you again.

Mr C, Sheffield

I am speechless, I cannot thank you enough for taking this case on at such short notice and doing a fantastic job

Ms C, Nottinghamshire

Thanks for all your work and help on this Shetal, I really appreciate eveything you have done for me

Mrs R, Barlborough

Thank you for your assistance and work on this matter. I would be delighted to recommend Banner Jones to friends and colleagues when they require similar services.

Mr & Mrs B, Oughtibridge

I would like to thank you all for your help during this difficult time. 

Ms P, Chesterfield

It was extremely convenient to be able to discuss my case with Kelly before work in the morning. This avoided us missing each other, did not interfere with my work day and I knew that if I had something to deal with during the day I could discuss it with her the following morning. Our lives have been turned upside down during the pandemic and as such we all have to work more flexibly. It was refreshing and reassuring to see Banner Jones Solicitors embracing this flexibility by responding positively and dynamically to their client’s needs and pressures.


Frequently Asked Questions

He's got to keep a roof over our heads hasn't he?

Non-residential parents have to pay maintenance for their children; hopefully the amount can be agreed though negotiation and if not then the CSA will decide. Each case is different.   If for example the Mum and the children stay in the family home then she may relinquish her claims over any other assets such as pension and savings in return.

How soon can I file for Divorce?

There is a 12 month barring rule which means you can start the divorce process after being married for 1 year. In England you can get divorced if your marriage has broken down irretrivably, usually proved by allegations of adultery or unreasonable behaviour, or if there has been 2 years' of continously living apart.

My aunt only has one bank account. Can I deal with this on her behalf?

If the bank allows, it is possible for your aunt to name you as a third party on her bank account. This will allow you to withdraw funds and sign cheques on her behalf. We can help your aunt complete the mandate form required to put this in place.

What am I entitled to in a divorce? Can she take me for every penny?

No.  Sometimes it may feel as though this has happened. The aim when sharing out matrimonial assets is to be fair.  Both spouses have to make full disclosure about their assets and debts before any decisions can be made about distribution, trying to hide anything won't work.  Factors which are important when sharing out the assets include the current and future needs of each spouse and any dependent children; the length of marriage and the age, earning capacity and contributions of each party.

Will I lose touch with my children?

Your aim should be that both parents still play an active part in the raising of the child/children.  Usually parents sort this out amongst themselves, although if there are problems mediation can be a good way to resolve this.  Going to Court should always be the last resort where children are involved.

Will we have to go to Court during our divorce?

No, getting a divorce should be an administrative excersise only and there are many options open to you that avoid going to Court.

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