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The big question we hear is often about how much to pay. It is often hard to balance between a fair salary for active and non-active members of the family. We hear stories about families working hard to pay dividends to siblings who don’t contribute to the business. We also hear about family members receiving a higher than market rate salary so as to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. 

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We often see tax inefficiencies from owners who would rather be paid a larger salary to avoid sharing dividends with siblings. All this does is simply result in a larger tax bill.  Beware of paying a “salary” to a family member who doesn’t work – the Inland Revenue will become aware of this, and will take remedial steps. 


You need to pay the market rate for new recruits, particularly if at a senior level who have little prospect of ever becoming owners. You should also be aware of the potential conflict between higher paid family members in more junior roles. This can be quite frustrating for non-family employees who work just as hard as the family member. A formal bonus scheme might be a way to equal out the remuneration among all staff.

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It just goes for me to say thank you for your help and assistance and especially the advice in this matter and should A2Z have the need for similar services. We will certainly consider Banner Jones first

A2Z computers, London

Although you are now part of Banner Jones, to me you are still Glossops, and the service we receive is part of why we have been with you for so many years.

Mr T Pass

Excellent service due to business relationship with our solicitor.

Mr A, Chesterfield

Service was incredible. Lee Foster made the transition smooth and easy. Thanks Lee!

Mr P, Rotherham

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