Employment tribunals deal with many claims that an employee can bring against their employer about their employment or its termination.

The relationship between an employer and their employee is governed by contract and statute created by Parliament. Most statutory rights can only be enforced in the employment tribunal, whereas the employment tribunal can only deal with some contractual matters.

Examples of claims dealt with by the employment tribunal are:

In July 2013 the Governement introduced fees for issuing and pursuing claims before the employment tribunals (and the Employment Appeal Tribunal), however in July 2017 the fees were ruled as 'unlawful' by the Supreme Court and were quashed with immediate effect. This is good news for anyone now wishing to persue a claim against their employer,

Although employees can represent themselves in employment tribunals, the specialist Employment Law solicitors at Banner Jones can help maximise your chances of success. Employment tribunals have complex rules and the chances of winning or losing depend on using the right tactics and knowing how to present your case. We have many year’s experience representing both employers and employees before the employment tribunal which gives us the ability to ensure that we see both sides of the argument and know how best to present your case to give you the best chance of winning.