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Will Solicitors in Mansfield

Why you need a will

If you don't have a Will, you have no control over how your estate is distributed. Losing a family member is difficult enough and the financial strain can be overwhelming.  Having a Will provides you with peace of mind that things will be taken care of, not only for you but your loved ones.

The benefits of having a will

A valid Will ensures that your assets are distributed to the right people after your death.  These assets may include:

  • Property including land and buildings.
  • Money including bank accounts, savings accounts, ISAs and Premium Bonds.
  • Intangible personal property including stocks, bonds, any businesses, royalties and intellectual property.
  • Physical items, such as cars, art, jewellery, furniture and sentimental items.

To protect your family if the unexpected happens

Modern families can be complex and a Will is the only way to ensure that the people whom you want to receive your estate actually do. 

  • If you are unmarried but living with a partner, unfortunately your estate would not pass to your partner unless you have a Will.
  • If you have a step-family then a Will is very important to make sure that they are included. Step children are not classed as your own and would therefore be left out without a Will to specify otherwise.

To protect young children

For many, having children is often the point when they start thinking about writing a Will.  A Will allows you to appoint legal guardians, who would step in and have the legal right to look after your children if the worst should ever happen.  Without a Will the government could decide this for you.

If you have family pets and animals, you may also want to specify what should happen to them in your Will. 

Include funeral arrangements

By including your funeral arrangements within your Will, you can ensure that your wishes are met. You can specify whether a burial or cremation is preferred or maybe which charity you would like to benefit from any collections.

There are three types of wills available

 A single will

This Will is suited to a single person, or someone in a relationship who has different wishes to their partner. It is important to remember that people who have no children or grandchildren may still have an estate. By having a Will, you can always choose where your estate goes whether it is a family member, friend or even a charity.  

A Mirror / Joint will

A mirror Will or joint Will is tailored to a couple that has the same requests. This type of arrangement means that the surviving partner inherits their partner's estate. Once the surviving partner has passed away, the estate will be handed over to the beneficiaries named on the Will.

Why you need a solicitor to verify your will?

You may decide to write your own Will, however, it is crucial that your Will is legally binding or when the time comes it won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.  The safest way is to instruct a Wills specialist who can ensure your affairs are handled correctly.

Why Choose Banner Jones Solicitors in Mansfield to discuss your will?

  • Our team of Mansfield based solicitors will deal with your matter in a sensitive, personal, professional and uncomplicated manner
  • We offer fixed-fee pricing with no hidden fees
  • We offer free storage for life on all of our Wills
  • We offer free registration onto the national Will register- Certainty
  • We are one of the Top 500 Legal Law Firms in England & Wales

You can arrange an appointment to see one of our Mansfield wills & probate solicitors to take your instructions or this can be done over the phone/via post.  We will need to see you to have your Will signed and witnessed.

For a free, no-obligation quote speak to our Mansfield wills & probate team on 0330 017 6309 or email us today.

Register Your Will

Register your Will today.

Our Wills now include FREE registration on the national Will register, Certainty.

Starting A Family?

Pregant lady

Starting a Family?

It's time to write a Will

Reviewing Your Will

Circumstances change over time so we advise that our clients review their Will every 5 years to ensure it still meets their needs. For example you may have moved house, gone through a divorce or maybe even had more Children/Grandchildren in that time.  Some people may change their Will several times over their lifetime and there is no limit to how many times you can do this.

For more information, or to arrange an appointment with an expert, call 0330 017 6302* or email

*calls cost no more than a local 01 number and are included in your mobile minutes.

97% of our clients would recommend us to a friend
(Ongoing Client Survey)

The service I received couldn't have been better!

Mrs C, Chesterfield

Just a personal thank you to the Wills & Probate Department who made all comfortable from the off, and stated things clearly and professionally throughout.

Mr P, Mrs G, Mrs R, Hasland

The receptionist staff on both days we visited your office were extremely friendly and the whole experience of dealing with Banner Jones was wonderful

T Howard

Thank you again for your help..If anyone requires a solicitor at any time..I will recommend yourselves..for quick and friendly service

Miss N, Chesterfield

Katie delivered super service! Also advised on our deeds. Thank you!

Mr & Mrs L

I recieved excellent service from Katie Woodward when I made my Will - Excellent advice & caring nature.

Mrs C, Mansfield

It was a pleasure meeting and dealing with Becky Cardinal at your Mansfield office. It all went very smoothly. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs N, Boughton

I was really happy with the service I recieved, especially from Katie Woodward. Many thanks.

Mrs E, Chesterfield

Staff were fabulous, very personable and certainly knew their jobs.

Mr B, Mansfield

Arranged an appointment to see Becky in regards to making our Wills. Becky was very good at making us feel at ease, and was knowledgeable and professional at all times. The process ran very smoothly.

Mr & Mrs N, Mansfield

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