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We know that selling your home can be a daunting process. At Banner Jones, we’ve helped thousands of families to buy and sell their homes, with offices based in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Mansfield and Dronfield.

For a free no-obligation conveyancing quote, speak to our friendly team of residential property solicitors on 0330 017 6309 or request a callback.

Why choose Banner Jones for selling your home?

As a leading Legal 500 UK law firm and accredited by the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, we can offer you a fast and efficient process that is approved.  By choosing Banner Jones to do your conveyancing for buying and selling your home, you will get a great rate!

Why choose Banner Jones for conveyancing?

  • We offer a friendly and efficient service.
  • You will have a dedicated in-house conveyancing solicitor handling your matter from start to finish.
  • We can offer conveyancing quotes, locally, regionally or nationwide. Banner Jones is accredited to provide conveyancing quotations to businesses and individuals in England and Wales.

For more information call our conveyancing team on 0330 017 6309 or email us today.

The process of selling your home

Step One: Get your house on the market

It is recommended that you get a free valuation from your estate agent. Always remember that estate agents will want a fee for selling your home and potential buyers will try to negotiate a lower price. However, it is advisable to add an extra 5% to 10% on your asking price. So when someone does offer you a lower price, it has been accounted for.

Step Two: Instruct an estate agent

Most estate agents will offer a free valuation before you put your home on the market.  This is a good opportunity to get to know the estate agent and ask any questions on how they’re going to market your home.  It is a good idea to meet with two or three estate agents before deciding.

Step Three: First impressions count! Make sure your property is looking its best

Before your estate agent starts to market your property, ensure that your home is in top condition. You will improve the chances of getting more views and a better price for your property.

Step Four: Instruct a conveyancing solicitor

Your conveyancing solicitor will act on of your behalf and start the legal process of buying and selling your property.

Once we have been instructed to take care of your conveyancing matter, we negotiate a draft contract between you and the buyer and the buyer’s solicitors.

By choosing Banner Jones for both the buying and selling process of your property, you will save time and money.

During this time, the buyer may instruct a surveyor to inspect and assess the current state of your property. If the surveyor finds any problems such as dampness or major construction work is needed, it is possible for the buyer to lower their offer.

The buyer's solicitor will make some enquiries about your property which will form a questionnaire.

This questionnaire will highlight:

  • the boundaries of the property
  • any restrictions on the property
  • what fixtures and fittings are included with the sale of the property

This information will be used to develop contracts between both parties.

 Step Five: Exchange of Contracts

When all the terms between the buyer and seller have been agreed, the final contracts will be written up and then exchanged. At this point, both parties are legally bound with the sale and purchase of the property.

If you have an existing mortgage, we will obtain a redemption figure from your lender and create a financial statement. This will cover every aspect of the transaction process.

Step Six: Moving Out 

As you’re selling your property, it is essential that you have moved out before the completion date. It is recommended to allow yourself more time to move out before agreeing on a completion date with your solicitor and the parties involved.

Step Seven: Completion Date 

On completion day, this is when the property changes ownership. You will accept the payment from the buyers in exchange for the deeds and the keys to the property.

Your conveyancing solicitor will transfer ownership with the Land Registry on your behalf. You will also pay any outstanding money on your mortgage, any conveyancing fees and any stamp duty to your solicitor.

Next steps

Did you know that if you’re buying and selling your home, you could receive a discount on your conveyancing? To find out more speak to our conveyancing team on 0330 017 6309 today or send us an email.

Banner Jones Conveyancing Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 based on 56 ratings

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Fast, safe, secure, online conveyancing

Flying Start LogoFlying Start

We know how important time is to you, especially when moving house.

Our new Flying Start portal allows you to complete the initial part of the process online at your convenience.

You can agree your quote, sign the T&Cs, complete a selfie online ID check and fill out your initial paperwork from your phone

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Key Benefits

  • Speeds up the conveyancing process - Typically saves 2 weeks on the average transaction.
  • Safe & Secure - Two factor authentication so you can be assured you information is always secure.
  • Quick & Convenient - Complete your initial documentation online,  meaning that you don't need to print, sign or post important documents back to us.
  • Easily provide ID - Full integration with a state-of-the art selfie I.D. verification tool, meaning you don't need to visit the office to provide ID.
  • Secure Communication - Easily communicate with our team directly through the portal.

Selling Your House Services

  • If you are selling your house due to a marriage breakdown we have a specialist divorce team who may be able to give you further advice about the division of your assets
  • If you are selling a house as part of a probate, again we have a specialist team who will be able to advise you and give appropriate tax advice
  • If you are selling a house abroad you may need the services of a notary to legalise the signing of any documents

Selling Your House Advice

If you are selling your home you will want to get the best price possible for the sale. There are various property websites around that can help you establish what your home might be worth but why not take a look on and see what other houses in your area are selling for?

Our highly trained conveyancing solicitors in Sheffield, Mansfield and Chesterfield offer support and care to all of our clients. We also offer a professional approach to each case whilst also ensuring that all of our services are fully confidential. Our conveyancing solicitor will provide you with expert advice on selling your house and the processes involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point in the process is it legally binding?

You can withdraw from a sale or purchase up until the point contracts have been exchanged. Any deposits paid after exchange of contract will then by non-refundable. After contracts are exchanged you are then responsible for the property you are buying and should arrange suitable insurance from this date.

How long are local searches valid for?

A local authority search completed for a house purchase is valid for 3 months.

How long does the conveyancing process take on average?

We usually say 4-6 weeks for an average sale or purchase. Queries and concerns can often come out of the local authority searches which need further investigation and sometimes this leads to re-approval from the Mortgage lender. This can add further time into the process.

What happens if we can’t produce certificates for work we’ve had done on the house we’re selling?

You can indemnify the work by taking out an insurance policy. This means that you can not be held liable for any future fault on the work that was done. We can arrange this for you

What is Stamp Duty and how much will I have to pay?

Stamp Duty is a tax levied by HM Government on a transfer of property. For residential property this tax is calculated at 1% for property values between £125,001 and £250,000, 3% for values between £250,001 and £500,000 and 4% for those of £500,001 and over. Duty may also be chargeable on any rental charge (leases only) - this affects both residential and commercial leases where different thresholds are applied.

What is the difference between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common?

Tenants is Common is where two or more people are entitled to the proceeds of sale in distinct shares - on the death of one, his/her interest will not pass to the survivor(s) but will be part of his/her estate. Joint Tenants are on the other hand 50/50 Co-owners of land - when one of them dies, his/her rights of ownership pass to the survivor(s).

What happens if we are in a national lockdown and we have exchanged to move?

Unfortunately, in this situation the seller will not be able to give vacant possession, which will lead to completion delays and penalties. If this situation arises, we ask that clients be sensible and accommodating of the unprecedented situation.   If contracts have been exchanged then usually it would result in interest and compensation being paid to you, however if you are in a chain the same will apply to your buyers, so to keep the chain going it may be better just to accept the delay.   As a preventative measure, we can offer to exchange and completion on the same day which ensure that contracts are only exchanged if all parties in the chain are able to move on that day.  

Under normal circumstances, we would not recommend simultaneous exchange and completion as it does have its risks, since there is no guarantee, until the day itself that you will actually be moving.  This means that if you are paying deposits to removal companies or arranging for services to be disconnected when we have no legal assurance that you will move.    Please be aware that if you do instruct us to carry out a simultaneous exchange and completion this is done entirely at your own risk and Banner Jones Solicitors cannot be held responsible for any losses that you might incur if the transaction does not complete.

Will a surveyor/valuer attend the house I want to purchase or are they not carrying out surveys currently due to coronavirus?

Each company will be following their own policies and procedures as well as the government guidelines, which may result in a slower service or more precautions being put in place, or indeed surveys being cancelled.

What happens if the house I am buying has quarantined owners in it?

Unfortunately, in this situation the seller will not be able to give vacant possession, which will lead to completion delays.  As a preventative measure, as per question 1, we can offer to exchange contracts and complete on the same day, which ensures that contracts are only exchanged if all parties in the chain are able to move on that day, thus reducing the risk to all parties.  This can be more stressful so we ask that clients be sensible and accommodating of the situation.

An investor has pulled out causing our chain to collapse, what can we do?

The current market and national economy is so uncertain that people may choose to wait and indeed remove their risk by pulling out of the transaction.  Although there is no reason not to carry on as normal in terms of the legal process we have to consider slower transaction times or hesitant investors or buyers.

What happens if there are disruption to banking services due to coronavirus?

If banks or mortgage lenders are unable to move funds around due to staffing shortages then this will disrupt your completion, however, be reassured that they will be doing everything they can to prevent this scenario.

Will the search providers be able to carry out searches during the coronavirus measures?

The majority of the searches are automated through computer systems and will therefore not be affected, however, the local authority searches are done by visiting the council offices.  Please therefore expect lengthy delays on the return of those searches as some council offices are not allowing visitors.

Will removal companies be happy to enter properties during the coronavirus measures?

As things stand, it will be down to the individual companies who will have their own policies in place so the best thing is to contact our remover and discuss their policy with them.

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I received excellent service for the purchase of my house

Mrs S,Sheffield

The receptionist staff on both days we visited your office were extremely friendly and the whole experience of dealing with Banner Jones was wonderful

T Howard

The service I received was excellent.

Mrs B, Dronfield

Very professional and excellent service. All the help I needed to sell my home. Stacey is an asset to the firm. Many thanks!

Mr G, Chesterfield

I found my solicitor very approachable, easy to converse with and always available to discuss matters. I was very pleased with the standard of service I received when selling my property.

Ms C, Barnsley

I found Stacey very helpful and the whole experience of selling my property was a positive one. Stacey advised on a number of matters, and I always felt that she had my best interests as a priority.

Mrs C, Duckmanton

The service I received couldn't have been better!

Mrs C, Chesterfield

Great service from start to finish. Josh kept us updated throughout the process and was always very prompt with responses. Highly recommended.

Mr & Mrs B, Mansfield

Josh was excellent and would definitely use his services again.

We were always helped with all questions and he was friendly and approachable.

Mr B & Miss C, Mansfield

Thank you Jenna to you and Gemma. The service you have provided has been first class!

Mr R, Chesterfield

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