10 Reasons to Instruct a Solicitor

  1. The worst assumption is that a complaint or investigation will simply go away if ignored. Fitness to practise is a specialist area of law and specialist legal advice is necessary.
  2. Without an appreciation of the principles governing fitness to practise, practitioners can either fear the worst case scenario or not take the allegations seriously enough.
  3. Investigations often flow out of very complicated clinical or personal circumstances and it is easy to lose perspective
  4.  Independent objective advice is key to understanding what to do and when and navigating the process ahead
  5. Knee jerk responses and failing to revisit documents records or files can often prevent the correct answer being given first time in interview or investigation
  6. Many fail to appreciate that anything they say or provide in a response will almost certainly be documented and form part of the evidence in the case
  7. Allowing someone else to intervene provides a welcome barrier between a registrant and the regulator allowing you to carry on doing your job
  8. More favourable outcomes can often be secured at an earlier stage and costs restricted to a minimum
  9. Timely accurate advice can ensure vital evidence is secured in connection with your defence whether relevant to a key issue or mitigation.
  10. You will have ensured you have put yourself in the best position to defend a finding of impairment of fitness to practise and preserving your registration and reputation.