A Divorce is for life... not just for Christmas

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If you are in this position and want to get the ball rolling, it is essential that such an important decision is taken after having had the benefit of clear, concise and objective legal advice.  Remember, a divorce is for life and not just for Christmas and, as such, you need to be certain of getting the right advice and the assistance that you need, after all there’s no going back.

By seeking advice early you will gain an understanding of what your options are and there likely outcomes.  Once you have these you should choose the mechanism for reaching an agreement that is best suited to you.   It is so important to set the overall tone right from the outset, within which your divorce or separation is dealt with.  We know that no two couples are the same and we’ll listen to your individual circumstances before advising you which is the best route to take.

The Family Department here at Banner Jones has the full breadth of experience and the ability to offer whichever process is best suited to you.  Whether you choose to resolve your issues through mediation, the relatively new collaborative process or the more traditional solicitor/client route, all of these are available to you through our family team.  We can also offer you a choice with regard to the gender of your advisor which can be a very important factor for some, and to make the process even more convenient we have a choice of six offices across North East Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

To discuss any of the issues raised in this article, please contact either Toby Netting at our Sheffield office (0114 2755266) or Helena Downing at our Chesterfield office (01246 209773).  Both Toby and Helena are experienced family solicitors with Banner Jones and will be happy to advise in relation to any family matter.

Download our free guide - Tips for Surviving the festive season & beyond when separated