Exaggerated Motor Insurance Injury claims to be disallowed

A new package of measures to tackle insurance fraudsters and dishonest claims has been announced by the Ministry of Justice which will reduce the amount being paid out unnecessarily by insurance companies on fraudulent claims and enable them to pass on savings to honest customers. These will affect bogus claims, both motor claims and others such as ‘trips and slips’ at work and in public places. They include:


  • requiring courts to throw out compensation applications in full where the claimant has been fundamentally dishonest – to stop people who have had an accident from exploiting the system by making bogus claims or grossly exaggerating the extent of their injuries;
  • reducing questionable whiplash claims by improving medical assessments, ensuring they are only conducted by independent accredited professionals, and setting fixed fees for medical reports this year;
  • introducing new rules to restrict the practice of settling whiplash claims without confirmation of the claimant’s injury.


Simon Wright of Banner Jones said, “The new rules will have a significant benefit for honest motorists that have, for years, been paying for the cheats by way of increased insurance premiums”.


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