Speed Up Eviction Plea Backed By 5,000 Signatures

The landlords are also seeking changes to the law to improve their rights ofaccess to their property, and they want assurances that the proposed closures of54 county courts will not adversely affect landlords. Alan Ward, chairman of theResidential Landlords Association, said: “Landlords depend on the county courtsto dispense justice when tenants fail to pay the rent. If these courts are closed,we call on the Secretary of State for Justice to ensure that landlords and tenantsare not disadvantaged by delays in the court system.” Paul Shamplina, ofLandlord Action, said: “The private rented sector is growing and the Governmentneeds landlords to plug the shortfall in housing stock. Therefore, it’s vital thatthere is a legal framework that properly supports them and encouragesinvestment within this sector.” Mike Weatherley said: “I wholeheartedly supportthis entirely sensible plan to balance the rights of landlords and tenants. It is alltoo easy to forget that landlords can be mistreated, just as tenants can be.”

What they haven’t covered off is the issue of Housing Benefit. It used to be thecase that Councils would pay the rent of someone receiving Housing Benefitdirect to the Landlord. Now rent is paid to the Tenant. If they don’t pay they haveto be 2 months in arrears before you can take action. That to me is insanity andif we are to prepare for a property market driven by rent rather than mortgagesthen the rules need to be changed. Former racing driver Sir Stirling Moss, alandlord with 40 properties, recently had to go through the full legal process toevict tenants who had not paid rent for seven months. They eventually left onthe eve of eviction by bailiffs, taking with them crockery, utensils, furniture andbed linen. Moss said: “I consider myself a good landlord who is always fair, andI think the law is weighted against decent landlords like myself.”

Renting Costs More Than Buying In Most Of Britain

Renting is now more expensive than buying in eight out of ten UK towns and cities.The figure is up from 74% in July as asking prices have come down and rentshave increased. On average, rents are now 9.9% more than mortgage payments.Research by Zoopla compares current asking prices to average rents for twobedroomflats in the 50 largest cities and towns around the country. Mortgagepayments were calculated assuming an interest-only mortgage at 5% p.a. In somelocations, the extra cost of renting is staggering. In York, rents exceed mortgagepayments by 39%: with average monthly rents at £978, York tenants are £3,270a year worse off than if they were buying. In a further 13 of the largest 50 citiesand towns, rents exceed mortgage payments by more than 20%.

Tenants Who Can't Afford To Buy Squeezed By Rising Rents

I'm not sure the rental market in Chesterfield is as buoyant as it is nationally.Generally rents appear to have reduced over the last two years rather thanincreased. However, four in ten tenants believe rents will be higher in 12 months’time. A Rightmove survey of 2,636 current and prospective tenants also showsthat 55% of tenants would like to buy a home now, but cannot afford to do so.Only 13% said they had no interest in home ownership. Meanwhile, with rentalstock down 23% compared with a year ago, Rightmove says there is chance ofa let-up in rent rises. Commercial director Miles Shipside said that are cases ofgazumping in some areas, and he described some tenants as “trapped renters”.He said they were unable to get on the housing ladder because of high depositsand credit scoring criteria. The survey shows that one in three tenants plan tostay in rented accommodation for at least three years.