Suspension in respect of inappropriate relationship with Pupil upheld

Webster v General Teaching Council [2012] EWHC 2928 (Admin)

The teacher in this case was a relatively junior teacher who faced a school disciplinary investigation arising out of allegations of maintaining and inappropriate with a sixth form pupil. The matter went on to be considered by the then Professional Conduct Committee of the General teaching Council ( now the Teaching Agency). The matter had been subject to an initial police investigation but no further action was taken.


The teacher argued that the Panel had erred in their findings. The appeal court undertook a close and detailed review of the evidence and the Panel’s findings and did not consider that they had made errors. The finding that an inappropriate relationship existed did not have to be founded on the basis that it was a sexual in nature. There was no evidence that the committee had made wrong conclusions and on the basis that it was inappropriate by reason of a number of particulars found proven, the suspension order for two years was not considered to be excessive.