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New Deputy Report Forms to Improve Safeguards for At-risk Adults

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has introduced new and improved forms to be used by deputies.

Property and financial decisions (OPG102) and health and welfare decisions (OPG104), will replace the existing combined form.

Deputies will now receive specific forms tailored to their deputyship order. Following user testing, the new forms are clearer with improved guidance designed to make them easier to complete.

A shorter version of the OPG102 has also been introduced, known as the OPG103. Existing property and finance deputies assessed under minimal supervision will be asked to complete the OPG103 when they report for the first time.

All other deputies, both new and old, will be asked to complete either the OPG102 or OPG104 depending on their court order.

OPG, responsible for supervising and supporting deputies, has increased safeguarding measures with a dedicated section in the property and financial decisions form.

In section 4 of property and financial decisions, deputies will be asked to detail the level of contact they have with their client, how the client’s care is funded and whether the client is receiving all their entitled benefits. The OPG has identified these key areas as early indicators that a client may be at risk of neglect or a red flag that the client is not receiving adequate support.

Also, in section 5 of health and welfare decisions, deputies will need to provide information on the client’s care arrangements, and health and social activities. Again, this is to identify whether the client is receiving the appropriate level of support.

As part of the new forms, professional and public authority deputies will be asked for more information about their fees and charges.

Property and finance deputies will have to complete an OPG102 or OPG103 each year, and health and welfare deputies will have to complete an OPG104 each year.

Deputies with both orders have to complete the OPG102 or OPG103 and OPG104 each year.

From now until Thursday 1 September 2016, deputies can use either the old or new version of these forms to complete and submit a deputy report. However, after Thursday 1 September 2016, the OPG will no longer accept the old version of the form.

If you would like assistance in relation to a power of attorney, or a deputyship, call 0330 017 6306* or email

*calls cost no more than a local 01 number and are included in your mobile minutes.

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