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Need for Email Use Policy All Too Obvious

The recent case of two young lovers whose amorous emails to each other were mistakenly copied to the wider world emphasises all too clearly why firms need an “email, internet and social media use” policy for all members of staff.

Katie Ash, a partner at Banner Jones Solicitors comments: “It’s easy to laugh at what happened, but firms should bear in mind the possible ramifications.”

In the case in question a young lady in Aberdeen, Melanie, emailed her boyfriend Eric whilst at work. He also worked for the same firm, and responded using the firm’s email. Their emails commented on how much and how often they enjoyed their lovemaking.

Unfortunately, the young lady inadvertently attached the series of emails to another email to a fellow employee, and the whole exchange went viral, much to everyone’s embarrassment. Although the young couple’s employers took a fairly relaxed attitude to the sorry affair, and did not intend to discipline either of them, the couple subsequently resigned.

Mrs Ash continued: “You only have to imagine if the exchanges had been explicit, or were accompanied by graphic images to begin to see why employers need a policy to be in place, both to educate and to deter.”

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